Make your closet your "happy place" with The 10-Minute Capsule Closet ebook!


  • How much is shipping?
    • All orders over $30.00 ship for free!
  • Do you accept returns?
    • Short answer, yes. However, I provide measurements in each listing and will happily answer all questions to help make sure that you love your purchase!
    • Any order can be returned for product credit, less a $5.99 shipping fee. 
    • If an order is received and has an error from The Bluebird Collective, i.e. a missed flaw, wrongly described, etc., I will gladly issue a full refund and cover the return shipping. 
  • How do I figure out my measurements
    • I have a highlight about this on my Instagram! I'll soon also write a little blog post about it.
  • Where do you find all of these cute clothes?!
    • I shop at thrift stores all around San Antonio! I primarily shop at an outlet, where all of the clothes are at the end of the line - if they don't sell there, they'll be dumped in a landfill or baled up and shipped to a developing nation, where they'll end up in a landfill there. You're helping to stop that cycle of waste!
  • More questions?? Use my contact form and send me a quick message! I'll respond within 24 hours.