Growing up in the mountains of Colorado, winters were long and cold. By February, the snow wasn’t falling so heavily, but everything was frozen, dead, and brown after the past four months of freezing temperatures. A depressing mood hovered in February, but right when it seemed we’d never see Spring again, the first bluebird would show up - perched on a fence or a tree or a roofline for a fleeting moment before it flitted off to give hope to the next frozen Coloradan. 

The first bluebird of the season signified the impending arrival of spring - the season of hope, and of flourishing, and of fresh green aspen leaves poking out of the branches that seemed lifeless. 

The Bluebird Collective was born in a season of darkness and pain and bleakness for many. It’s a bright spot that hopes to bring encouragement, confidence, and a way to make a difference in a world that feels so overwhelming. 

It’s a Collective of women who want to shape a better world for the generation we’re raising, who understand the impact of deciding where our dollar is spent, and who know the power of a killer outfit to inspire confidence and courage.