Seven Ways to Shop Secondhand Without Digging Through Thrift Stores!

Seven Ways to Shop Secondhand Without Digging Through Thrift Stores!

Resale, and online resale in particular, have grown tremendously in the recent past, and the secondhand market is projected to be bigger than the fast fashion market within the next nine years! 

According to a Green Story Environmental Study, if everyone bought just one used instead of new item this year, it would save 25 BILLION gallons of water!! 

So where do we start? Here are a few ways to get started shopping for preowned clothing without digging through the overwhelming racks at Goodwill or Salvation Army. 

Buy Sell Trade Stores

If digging through thrift store racks isn’t your cup of tea, stores like Clothes Mentor, Uptown Cheapskate, Buffalo Exchange, Style Encore, and Platos Closet are a great way to shop for secondhand clothing in a more curated environment. You can find treasures at a pretty hefty discount from their original retail price, and their racks are generally well-organized and sorted by category and size. 

These stores are located in most major cities, and many of them now have online or Instagram stores that allow you to shop online and pick up at their store. 

Consignment Stores

Consignment stores are often locally owned businesses, and they often offer higher-end and luxury brands. You’ll pay more than you would at a store like Clothes Mentor, but if you love the type of brands that are typically sold at stores like Nordstrom, then a consignment store is probably right up your alley. 

Find these by searching for “consignment stores” in Google. 




Poshmark is an online platform on which about 5 million people sell their items. You’ll find mens’, women’s, and childrens’ clothing as well as home decor and makeup items. It’s a massive platform, so your chances of finding what you’re looking for are high, it just may take some searching. Poshmark allows buyers and sellers to send offers, so if you see something you love, but you don’t like the price, you can send an offer to the seller, who can accept, counter, or decline your offer. If you “like” an item, you may also receive an offer from the seller. 

When you order from Poshmark, your order comes to you straight from the seller. 

Poshmark doesn’t allow returns for fit or preference, so if you have questions about measurements, ask the seller before you purchase.

Shipping is a flat $7.11, but some sellers may offer you a shipping discount.

If you try it out, use my referral code “THEBLUEBIRDCO” for $10 off of your first order!


Thredup is another online platform with some similarities to Poshmark, in that you have millions of items to choose from. You’ll find everything “From Gap to Gucci”, and you can snag some major deals on high-end brands. 

When you order from Thredup, your order comes from one of their several US warehouses.

Thredup can be overwhelming, so the more you can narrow your search, the more successful you’ll be. You can filter by size, category, color, pattern, material, and more. Their return policy is pretty good, but you’ll pay for shipping and a small restocking fee, so make note of the measurements that they provide in their item descriptions. 

Shipping is a flat $5.99, and free on all orders over $79.

If you try out Thredup, use my link for a $20 credit on your first order (! Bonus: Thredup usually offers a 40%-50% discount code for your very first order! 


Curtsy has a lot of similarities to Poshmark - it’s a marketplace of many sellers offering their items, and your order will come straight from the seller. Curtsy is a great place to find trendy items and popular athletic and athleisure brands. Since you’re dealing with individual sellers, you can ask them questions if needed before you make your purchase. 

If you try Curtsy, you can use my code “CAROLINEB31” for $10 off of your first order. 


eBay is the OG online resale platform, but many people don’t realize that it can be a great place to look for clothing too! On eBay you’re working with individual sellers, so you can ask questions before placing your order. Some sellers accept offers, and some offer free shipping. For the best success on eBay, use specific search terms such as brand, style name, and color. 

Facebook Marketplace

Facebook marketplace is actually another great option for secondhand clothing! Local sellers often sell bundles of same-sized clothing for a great, low price! Many sellers also ship their items, so you are not limited to buying from people near you. I also like to utilize brand-specific Facebook groups, particularly for kids’ clothing. 

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