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What to Expect from the bluebird collective

Preowned Clothing

Each item sold on the site is preowned, and carefully hand-curated to ensure that it's in excellent, nearly-new condition.

The clothing industry produces a shocking amount of waste (an estimated 36 billion items per year in the US alone!).

By choosing to shop for high-quality preowned clothes, we're keeping clothes in circulation longer so they stay out of landfills.

Plastic-Free Packaging

Each item is shipped in recycled and recyclable packaging.

It's hand-packed with all of the love and gratitude in the world, but no extra fluff that'll just end up in the trash.

Flat-Rate Pricing

You'll notice that all items within each category are the same price (i.e. all tops are the same price, all dresses the same, etc.)
This is because sustainable, ethical clothing can be very expensive.

By offering high-quality preowned clothing at a flat rate price, regardless of the original retail price, we can level the playing field and make sustainable, high-quality clothing more affordable for all budgets.

Easy Returns for Store Credit

If anything doesn't work out for you, simply request a prepaid return label here. You'll be reimbursed for the cost of your order in store credit, less $4.99 return shipping.

Meet your Stylist

Hi! I'm Caroline!
I'm a wife, mama to two preschoolers, and an ennegram 9. I'm a Colorado native, but San Antonio is home now. I've always loved shopping, thrifting, and choosing clothes that make me feel beautiful and confident.

I love that you're here!

I'm a stylist who adores putting together beautiful, timeless outfits that make you feel gorgeous, powerful, and comfortable! I carefully curate each piece of preowned clothing on the site, so you can fill your closet with fewer, better pieces that truly serve you. 

The Bluebird Collective is a space for women who have a lot on their plate, but they want to feel put-together and beautiful every day, while using minimal brain power.
Many of us work from home, stay home with kiddos, or work outside of the home.

We care a lot about the products we purchase, and know that we can vote for a better world with the power of our dollar! We know that choosing preowned, sustainable, and ethically made clothing helps create a better world for the generation that we're raising.

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